Unrequited love.

abstract acrylic painting

abstract painting
  • My name is Kristie Michelle Barker

    My blog is not for you to modify in any way, even if I send you a link. I’m sorry for the confusion that may have caused. I’ll contact Facebook and see what they can do about that. If we were ever friends on Facebook but aren’t any longer, there might be a reason for…

  • Of Course…

    If you, Bin, are wondering if I love you in the way you want me to. I do love you, in all ways. You are still here, you are non-abusive, and I like the way you communicate. Just you. Fuck ’em, my love. Let the haters hate, the losers lose, and all the cliches, cliches……

  • Works as an ornament too.

  • Send me household items, and I will make you the perfect night light.

    Seriously, I do this for a living, and a life. Magic is happening this holiday season, in my studio. Get yours.

  • Sedated

    Collage 11.5″ x 17″ Hat is extra. lol. House Relax on YouTube