Nostalgia, growth, and change.

photo of abstract painting with flowers and water, and computer. A photo from artist's desk.

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Nostalgia, growth, and change have been major themes in so many of our lives over the last few years. I moved from a city I called home, to a small town where my family of origin lives. After a year and a half of struggling with this move, I realized what I had already known. You can’t go home again; you can’t go back. This is a 12″ x 12″ acrylic painting on canvas panel. The colors remind me of my aunt and glazing ceramics as a child. The shapes make me think of change and upheaval.

Back to Seattle.

This is a detail of the painting. The underpainting was pretty messy, so I carefully went over the vibrant colors of the underpainting with tints. I like the outlines of the shapes showing through from underneath.